​The extra virgin organic olive oil Olympia by the Olive groves of Centaurs, the "green gold" of the Greek land, is a high-quality product of unique nutritional value. Our organic olive groves are located in the plateau Folois in Ancient Olympia. They are grown in virgin soils and cultivated by the method of homo dynamic while certified by the TUV Hellas organization.

The application of homodynamic methods in the cultivation of olive trees on the principles of Biodynamic theory was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and then developed the Enzo Nastati in Eureka Institute in Trieste, Italy. According to these principles, the harmonic dialogue between the earth and the universe is a prerequisite for the good health of trees and plants. This is achieved through the use of a minimum quantity of homo dynamic preparations, which are derived from natural substances that are dissolved in water and get dynamism.

The spraying of trees with such preparations results in stimulation of their natural capacity for:

  • Flowering, fruiting, and ripening
  • Resistance to pests, insects, and fungi
  • Activation of self-purification processes of toxic residues found in soil, plants, and water.

By using this method, which is environmentally friendly, the Olive Centaurs ensure top quality and purity of extra virgin organic olive oil Olympia.