Wild Olive Oil Green Gold, 500ml bottle
Certification TUV, Hellas
The product is disposed to export.


Hercules was the first one who planted it in Olympia. Hercules was also the founder of "athletism" and "olympic games" where the winners were crowned with an olive oil twig which was planted by him.
From this kind of wild olive tree and from a 100% self-shown trees, the wild olive oil is taken out in the mountainous area of Olympia Centaurus Groves.
The picking of this product is traditionally done by hand when the kernel is still unripe. The wild olive oil is produced the same day of picking by pressing the olives mildly without the intervention of hot water and it is full of aromas and silky texture.
For all these reasons it is rare and in a little quantity. Apart from its least acidity, it is also rich in Ω3 and Ω6. In addition, it has a higher percentage in oileuropaine which gives it antioxidant properties - oilkanthale and eleasine with in inflammatory, antioxidant cardiovascular and neurological action.
More over, it has all the necessary characteristics to delight the palate and beautify and enhance the complexion.
The product is disposed to export.

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